About the band

Ayahuasca Dark Trip blasted off to explore revolutionary new possibilities of fluid musical collaboration across great physical and cultural distances.

As an international project with members from Peru, India, Brazil, The Netherlands and Greece, the band tries to use modern means to reach an ancient and cross cultural end. It tries to evoke ceremonial experiences using sounds and instruments from across the space and time.

Uncompromising and fearless in its approach, Ayahuasca Dark Trip creates hypnotic music that combines doom metal, acid psychedelia and ritual drone into an intense and explosive trip.

In 2017, the band completed their first European tour and unveiled their third album Upaya.

We are currently SEEKING A LABEL for a physical release of the new album UPAYA. Contact us!


Brayan Anthony
Origins: Peru
Other projects: BRAYAN., Montibus Comunitas

Buddy van Nieuwenhoven
Origins: Netherlands
Other projects: Cosmic Nod, Ahkka

Floris Moerkamp
Origins: Netherlands
Other projects: Cosmic Nod, Ahkka

Indrayudh Shome
Origins: India
Other projects: Rope Trick, Queen Elephantine

Pedro Ivo Araújo
Origins: Brazil
Other projects: Necro

Robin van Rooy (✝2017)
Origins: Netherlands
Other projects: Cosmic Nod

Sifis Karadakis
Origins: Greece
Other projects: Begging Shaman

Thijs Meidertsma
Origins: Netherlands
Other projects: sjihT